Thigh lift

What is it?

A thigh lift is aimed at tightening loose skin, particularly of the inner thigh. It is often required after significant weight loss. It may be performed in combination with other procedures in patients who have lost a lot of weight.

Am I suitable?

A thigh lift is suitable if you:

  • Are healthy and a non-smoker
  • Have reached a stable weight
  • Diet and exercise have left you with excess skin and fat.

At your first consultation with Mr McDonald your medical history will be discussed and a thorough clinical examination performed. He will then determine if it is appropriate for you to undergo such a procedure. Before and after photographs can be shown. A full discussion of the risks and complications will be undertaken. Mr McDonald will not agree to perform any cosmetic procedure unless he feels the benefits significantly outweigh the risks. Pre and post-operative photographs are taken.

The procedure

A thigh lift involves removing redundant skin, and in some cases fat, from the inner thigh. Often liposuction will be used in conjunction with skin excision. Sometimes the wound extends up close to the groin crease, however in most cases the wound will end at the level of the knee. The type of thigh lift involving just a horizontal scar in the groin crease is rarely performed by Mr McDonald because of disappointing long-term results.

What can I expect if I have the procedure?

  • The operation itself takes approximately two hours.
  • A compression garment is applied at the end of the procedure.
  • The garment is worn for six weeks after your operation.
  • Expect an overnight stay in hospital.
  • Pain and discomfort are controlled with pain medications prescribed by Mr McDonald.
  • You can walk after the operation though you will still need to rest.
  • Your scars will be supported with tape for three months.
  • You can expect swelling,¬†bruising and occasional numbness after the procedure.
  • You will require at least three weeks off work.
  • You can expect small areas of the wounds to take a little extra time to heal.

Follow up

We will keep in close contact with you after the operation and see you five to seven days after the surgery, then on an as needs basis weekly then at three months. You can phone our rooms anytime and there is a recorded message after hours.


These may occur with any surgical procedure. These will be discussed in detail in your consultation with Mr McDonald. The risks of complications are reduced if you are healthy, are a non-smoker and not overweight.