Breast surgery, Geelong

Breast surgery is one of the most common and popular cosmetic surgery procedures available today. Whether you are considering uplifting, reducing, or enhancing your breasts, or want to consider breast reconstruction after cancer, Anthony McDonald Plastic Surgeon is experienced in all types of breast surgery, and ensures that the results of your surgery give you the body confidence you deserve.

Breast surgery is not a procedure just for women. Mr Anthony McDonald also carries out male breast reduction surgery.

Breast Augmentation

What is it? Breast augmentation is enlargement of the breasts with breast implants. Your choice to have this done could be because you have small breasts, or your breasts have shrunk or become saggy after weight loss, pregnancy or breast feeding. Am I suitable? Breast augmentation is an option for you if: You have small…

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Breast Lift

What is it? A breast lift (mastopexy) repositions the breasts up onto the chest to make a higher and firmer-looking breast. This type of breast surgery is an increasingly common operation in women over 40 and in mothers who have breast fed and lost the shape of their younger breasts, leaving the breasts to sag…

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Breast Reconstruction

What is it? Breast reconstruction is the reconstruction of the breast and is most commonly used to create a new breast after one is removed due to cancer. It also applies to fixing dents and deficiencies in breasts after lump removal or trauma. Reconstructive surgery of the breast can be undertaken at the time of…

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Breast Reduction

What is it? A breast reduction is an operation performed to reduce the size of one breast (to correct breast symmetry) or both breasts. Am I suitable? Breast reduction is an option for you if you: Are a non-smoker Are in reasonably good health with a body mass index (BMI) below 30 Have large breasts…

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Male Breast Reduction

What is it? Gynaecomastia is the abnormal development of large mammary (breast) glands in males. Am I suitable? Gynaecomastia correction is an option for you if you: Are self conscious about the size of your chest Are of reasonable health and your BMI is within a healthy range Are a non-smoker Your initial consultation will…

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