Male breast reduction, Geelong

What is it?

Gynaecomastia is the abnormal development of large mammary (breast) glands in males.

Am I suitable?

Gynaecomastia correction is an option for you if you:

  • Are self conscious about the size of your chest
  • Are of reasonable health and your BMI is within a healthy range
  • Are a non-smoker

Your initial consultation will be with Mr McDonald who will:

  • Discuss your medical history and perform a thorough clinical examination
  • Have a full discussion with you about the risks and complications of the surgery
  • Not agree to perform any surgical procedure on you unless he feels the benefits significantly outweigh the risks.

You will be given written information at your initial consultation and should you decide to proceed you will return to have further discussions with Mr McDonald and his practice nurse prior to your operation. Pre and post-operative photos will be taken.

What can I expect if I have the procedure?

  • The operation takes one to two hours.
  • Expect one night stay in hospital.
  • You will need to wear a compression garment for six to twelve weeks post-operatively.
  • You will require two to four weeks off work depending on your occupation.
  • Your scars will be taped for three months.
  • No driving for approximately two weeks.
  • You may have some bruising, swelling and numbness. This is temporary and nothing to be concerned about.

The procedure

Generally an incision is made around the nipple areola complex. The excess breast tissue is removed. The scar is minimal in the vast majority of cases, however if excess skin needs to be removed then scarring will be more extensive. In some cases, only fatty tissue needs to be removed and this may be performed by liposuction alone.

Follow up

We will keep in close contact with you and see you five days after discharge from hospital, then on a needs basis weekly and then at three months. You can phone the rooms anytime and there is a recorded message for after hours.


These may occur with any surgical procedure. These will be discussed in detail in your consultation with Mr McDonald. The risks of complications are reduced if you are healthy, are a non-smoker and not overweight.

The first step to a new, more confident you is an initial consultation with one of our knowledgeable and friendly team members. During this session, you will be invited to ask all your questions to ensure you are happy and comfortable, and we will discuss the procedure itself and the care you will receive during and afterwards.

Mr Anthony McDonald also performs other cosmetic medical procedures including ear surgery and abdominoplasty.