Trigger finger treatment, Geelong

Triggering is a clicking or locking of the finger or thumb when the digit is bent or straightened. It occurs because the tendon tunnel becomes narrowed at the entry point in the palm of the hand. This results in the tendon catching at the narrowing and at times this can be painful.

What can be done?


  • This usually involves wearing a splint especially at night to prevent the finger/thumb becoming stuck when asleep.
  • Splints are usually supplied by a hand therapist.

Steroid injection

  • This involves injecting steroid/cortisone into the narrow part of the tunnel, which can be done in Geelong with Anthony McDonald Plastic Surgeon.
  • Local anaesthetic is injected initially to reduce the discomfort of the steroid injection.
  • The benefit of the injection may take one to two weeks to take effect.
  • Often it will “cure” the condition though in a number of patients the triggering may recur.
  • The finger may be injected again or the patient may choose to have surgery.
  • Often done at the time of the initial consultation.


  • This involves making a cut in the palm of the hand or at the base of the thumb whereby the narrowed segment of the tendon tunnel is opened to allow better movement of the tendon.
  • May be performed under local anaesthetic in the office or under sedation as a day case in hospital.
  • A supportive bandage is placed on the hand for four to five days
  • Stitches are removed at 10 to 14 days.
  • Return to work may take place at two to three weeks though this will depend on the patient’s occupation.
  • A patient may drive when he or she is comfortable.
  • The scar in the palm of the hand may be tender for two to three months though it should not limit activities.


  • These are unusual, although your plastic surgeon Mr Anthony McDonald  will discuss them with you if surgery is considered.
  • Overall, surgery is very successful.

If you have any further queries about the condition known as “trigger finger”, please do not hesitate to contact the friendly staff at Anthony McDonald Plastic Surgeon. We are also able to answer your queries with regard to other debilitating and painful conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, Dupuytren’s disease, as well as all types of skin cancer.