Pre-cancerous skin conditions, Geelong

There are pre-cancerous skin conditions that can be treated by Anthony McDonald Plastic Surgeon. After a visit to your local doctor, you can request a referral to Mr McDonald at our Geelong practice.

Solar keratoses

  • Found in sun-exposed areas – especially the face, ears, neck, forearms and hands
  • Red, scaly lesions, sometimes containing pigment
  • Vary in size from small lesions to large patches
  • Not painful or itchy, though become so if irritated or when exposed to the sun
  • Warning sign that a person is at risk of developing skin cancer
  • Ten to 20 percent go on to become skin cancers.

Bowen’s disease

  • Found mostly in sun-exposed areas
  • Affects mainly the middle-aged and elderly population
  • Scaly, red plaque with an irregular border
  • Approximately 10 percent go on to develop into skin cancers.

If you are concerned about any changes in your skin, please visit your doctor, and if you need further treatment you can request a referral to Anthony McDonald Plastic Surgeon.